The search process

1. Research

By internal and external survey we determine which persons qualify for the position concerned. Our candidate database is consulted, as well as those of our colleagues abroad. Systematic research is conducted into previously selected sectors of business. Industry sources are consulted, trusted confidents of us, who have insight into relevant companies. Finally, Alliance Partner researchers abroad are also consulted, if relevant.

2. Initial briefing and search strategy development

This initial meeting is essential to the success of the assignment, as it enables us to plan our research with a thorough understanding of the client company including structure, objectives, philosophy and competitive situation.

3. Candidate identification, assessment and presentation

After a number of possible candidates have been identified, we interview and evaluate the candidates against the requirements of the position. We prepare confidential candidate reports on the candidates, who are eventually brought into contact with our client.

4. References

We take detailed professional references on the career and personality of the final candidates from sources and information legally obtained.

5. Search completion, follow-up procedure and on boarding assistance

During the first year of employment we follow-up on the process and the employment after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months in which period we are available for support for both the client and the candidate